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Upgrade Essentials For Your New Bathroom

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  • 25-01-2024
Upgrade Essentials For Your New Bathroom

 Heated Flooring

When planning your new bathroom upgrade, heated flooring should certainly be on your essentials list. Not only does it add an element of luxury, but stepping onto a warm floor can give an amazing start to your day. Heated flooring is easy to install and works brilliantly in any space, be it a small bathroom or a grand master ensuite. Heated flooring systems come in two main styles: electric and hydronic.

Electric heated flooring involves laying electric wires beneath your floor. It's easier to install, cost-effective and perfect for a room that is being renovated. A hydronic system, on the other hand, uses heated water pipes to heat the floor. Although it's more expensive to install, it will cost less in the long run. For those who are building their house from scratch and have the luxury of choosing your preferred installation method, hydronic could be the best fit.

But before you decide, make sure to check the subfloor of your bathroom. Certain flooring materials may not be compatible with heated floors. If installing in a renovated room, it's important to check if your current floor can accommodate a radiant heating system. This might involve checking with professionals in the industry. A heated floor is a worthy addition to any bathroom remodel for a touch of modern bathroom luxury.


In order to optimise the usability of every bathroom, regardless of its dimensions, a sufficient quantity of storage space is essential. Having a tidy and uncluttered bathroom is key to achieving a truly modern bathroom experience.

As a result, it's important to thoughtfully plan your storage to conveniently accommodate all your fundamental items and yet still preserve a desirable aesthetic appeal.

To start with, evaluate all the items you plan to keep in your bathroom. This could range from bath towels to assorted toiletries like shampoos. 

It's important to ensure that you leave some additional room to cater for any future items you may acquire. Thinking innovatively about the storage facilities you opt for can lead to stylish yet practical solutions.

For instance, medicine cabinets or bathroom showers equipped with integrated shelves can offer a minimalistic yet functional design. Recessed wall shelves also make an ideal option, particularly for smaller bathrooms. These are space-saving yet allow for plenty of storage capacity. As well as focusing on the practicality of your bathroom storage, the aesthetic appeal should never be overlooked.

Options such as floating vanities can add a touch of elegance, or install cupboards underneath the sink that blend in seamlessly with your overall bathroom design. Open shelves are another option which is not only easy to install but also adds a stylish edge whilst providing the extra storage space needed. Even the smallest of bathrooms can benefit from thoughtful design choices, for example, using towel hooks. With their space-saving design, they allow for quick and easy access to towels when needed and are an efficient way of utilising available space.

Ultimately, before rushing into any final decisions regarding your bathroom storage, it is essential to ensure that your choices will integrate well with your overall bathroom design. Remember, the key is to achieve an attractive yet functional design that suits your individual needs and tastes. A well-designed bathroom should not only be a practical space but also a stylish and relaxing sanctuary.

 Improve The Lighting

Having the right lighting is an important aspect to consider when updating your bathroom. The right light fittings can not only enhance your bathroom's best features but also improve overall functionality. Forget about just a basic ceiling light; there are lots of other options to consider. One savvy selection is to add task lighting around your vanity mirror. This offers focused illumination, making day-to-day activities such as shaving or applying makeup easier and more precise.

It's not all about functionality though; lighting can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. You might want to consider adding accent lights that highlight your bathroom's wall textures or special features, helping to create a calming, relaxing atmosphere. For a slight twist on traditional bathroom lighting, why not think about installing pendant lights or even a chandelier?

These can bring a homely, cosy touch to your space. Another excellent lighting choice for bathtubs and showers is a dimmable light, allowing you the flexibility to adjust the mood to fit your needs. Don't forget about the value of natural light too. If you have a window in your bathroom, look for ways to maximise this resource. The theme, style or overall feel of your bathroom should be complemented by your light-fitting choices. Finding the right balance between aesthetics and practicality is key when selecting bathroom lighting.

 Towel Warmer

A towel warmer, while often viewed as a luxury addition to your bathroom, can quickly transform into an essential upgrade. Once you have experienced the comfort and convenience that a towel warmer brings, you will wonder how you ever managed without one.

Imagine stepping out of a refreshing shower or soothing bath into the toasty embrace of a warm towel. It's almost like being in a spa except you don't have to leave your home.

Towel warmers are available in a variety of styles and sizes, meaning you can find one to suit every home. They can be freestanding, perfect for larger spaces, or wall-mounted, an ideal solution for smaller rooms where floor space is at a premium.

Towel warmers can also double as radiant room heaters, making them an integrated and highly efficient solution to keeping your entire bathroom nice and warm.

However, before opting for a towel warmer, it's crucial to do your research thoroughly. Check requirements such as energy use to ensure it won't significantly increase your electric bill, and understand whether the installation is simple or if it will need professional assistance. Then there's the aesthetic appeal — its design should complement the overall look of your bathroom.

After all, not only does it serve a functional purpose but it can also enhance your bathroom decor, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. Perhaps one of the most critical factors to consider is location. Towel warmers need to be installed near an energy source, whether that's a socket for electric models or plumbing for hydronic ones.  

Moreover, they should be easily accessible, allowing you to grab a warm towel as soon as you step out of the shower or bath. A towel warmer can deliver those extra moments of warmth and comfort in your daily routine that you didn't realise you needed. It radiates a sense of luxury and comfort, transforming your mundane morning routine into something truly special. For these reasons, it's a worthwhile investment when considering an upgrade for your new bathroom.  

 Countertop Material Choices

Bathroom countertops are a vital component when remodelling your bathroom. The material you pick for your countertop should not just be aesthetically pleasing but also durable and easy to maintain. Stone materials, such as granite and quartz, are often popular choices. These materials offer a unique blend of longevity and luxury that can enhance the overall allure of your bathroom.

For those who would prefer their bathroom to exude a warmer, more rustic appeal, opting for a wooden countertop can be a smart choice. Wooden countertops infuse a charming, homely vibe into any bathroom. However, it's important to note that these countertops typically require more maintenance than their stone counterparts. An additional affordable, yet attractive option would be ceramic tiles. These tiles can be maintained with ease, making them a practical choice for many different homeowners.

However, to ensure longevity, it's imperative to seal the grout lines effectively to dodge the build-up of moisture. Selecting a countertop material without taking your lifestyle and maintenance preferences into account can lead to regrets in the future. Always ensure you choose a material which not only suits your style but is also in harmony with the overall décor and theme of your bathroom. Remember, the right countertop can dramatically change your bathroom's appeal, making it a personal haven you're proud of.

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