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What Things Affect The Commercial Roofing Service Life

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  • 06-02-2023
What Things Affect The Commercial Roofing Service Life

What things affect the commercial roofing service life? Glasgow Joinery Contractors are commercial roofing contractors Glasgow, Scotland. Find out more about factors that affect the life span of your commercial roof. 

How Long Should My Commercial Roof Last?

This is not a question that can be answered quickly as there are numerous factors which can make an impact on the lifespan of the average commercial roof. 

Some of the factors that can determine how long a roof will last are when the roof went through the installation process, how well the roof was maintained, which materials were used to create the roof, the weather that has been surrounding the roof, and various others.

If you just want to look at the averages, generally, you can expect a commercial roof to last somewhere in-between ten to forty years. Below are some more of the factors that you can expect to have an effect on the lifespan of your property's roofing.

When Does A Commercial Roof Need Replacing?

Factors that Affect the Life Span of Your Roofing System


Of course, this might go without saying, but the quality of the material your roof is constructed out of has a major impact on determining the roof's lifespan. One of the most popular roofing materials across the whole world is "asphalt" shingles. 

This is because the material is highly durable and also highly efficient. Cheap to manufacture too, and these savings are passed onto the customer. 

The issue here is that in comparison to many other roofing materials, such as tile or metal, asphalt does not have a long lifespan whatsoever. This is why it is important to consider how long to want to roof to ideally last when you are choosing the material that is going to create your property's roofing.

Weather and Sun Exposure

What things affect the commercial roofing service life?

The weather is another very important factor when it comes to impacting your roof's overall lifespan. Weather types such as snow, ice, strong winds, heavy hail, and more will all decrease the amount of time your roof will last.

Even though roofs are purposely designed in order to be durable and strong, even the most secure and well-built roofs will eventually start to break down if they are constantly exposed to harsh conditions.

 Another factor is the increased amount of sun exposure, which can have a large impact on roofing systems. If your roof is regularly being beaten down by the sun on long hot days, then eventually, the colour of your roof will begin to date, and the material covering the roof will start to crack and break. 

Ultraviolet rays massively accelerate the deterioration of a roof, and this means that you might need to replace parts of your roof a lot sooner than you may have anticipated when you first had the roofing system installed. The best course of action is always to speak to a local roofing contractor, as they will be able to tell you which materials are best for your property and suitable for the weather you experience there.

Roof Pitch

ROOF PITCH - things affect the commercial roofing service life

This might sound bizarre, but it is absolutely true. Even the slope of your roof can have a large effect on its overall lifespan. Here is an example to make this clearer. 

If your property has a flat roof installed or a roof with a small slope, then it is possible for you to experience an increase in deterioration because of slow water movement and water sitting stagnant on the roofing. 

The majority of roofing contractors appreciate that they can't simply just change the entire structuring of the building on a whim just to make a differently shaped roof, so commonly, they will suggest a material that is more durable in order to protect the roofing from this kind of damage being caused.

Ventilation and Insulation

Insulation is vitally important when it comes to roofing. During the cold winter months of the year, having working insulation installed will assist your roof in containing all that essential heat which will help to prevent ice from forming and keep your building much warmer. 

It is also key for you to have proper roof ventilation. This will allow your roof to stay cool during the summer months, as well as protect the heat levels of your roofing materials from rising too high and causing damage to their structure.

The Installation Process

THE INSTALLATION PROCESS - things affect the commercial roofing service life

It doesn't happen very often, but unfortunately, installation errors do occur, and they can cause your roofing to fail before their time is up. 

The materials that you choose for your roof are absolutely vital, but at the end of the day, they are only as good as the techniques that were used to install them. 

This is exactly why we would always recommend choosing a roofing contractor who has plenty of experience, accreditations, and is regularly trusted in their field to ensure that you are getting the best services possible for the price that they are offering you.


A leaky roof can lead to all kinds of trouble for your building quicker than you realise. Leaking roofs can put your property at great risk of developing some kind of water damage, but the leaking can also lead to dire consequences for various other systems in your building. 

For example, leaks can lead to water finding its way into the property's air duct system. Once this has happened, not only will you have to pay out for the cost of all the roof repairs, but you will also have to deal with the damage to the air duct, which will also need to be fixed.

If you ignore leaks for an extended amount of time, then this can lead to the roofing materials beginning to break down and rot. In the worst-case scenario, it can even cause a roof to collapse entirely. 

The positive way to look at this is that if you call a repair team to fix up a leak as soon as you spot it, you will still be able to get many years' worth of use out of the property's roofing.

Regular Maintenance

Just like with your car or any other important piece of equipment in your life, maintenance is vital to keep your roof running smoothly. In fact, having roof maintenance done regularly plays a highly important role in how long your roof will last. Even if you just perform maintenance once or twice a year, regular maintenance will ensure that you get the most out of your property's roofing. 

This will ensure that any potential problems with your roofing are identified before they become too severe and can help to prevent future issues before they start damaging the roof and the rest of the property. Without regular maintenance, small problems can very quickly grow into issues which need expensive repair work and cause all kinds of damage to the other parts of the building.

Roof maintenance is also the ideal time to clear your roof, as well as your gutters, of any debris which has built up there. This is really important in all your roof's cracks and crevices, such as the roof valleys. When debris is left to just sit on a roof, it can have a major impact on the strength of the roofing materials.


PESTS - things that affect the commercial roofing service life

It is easy to forget about wildlife and other pests when we think about how roofs become damaged. However, the wildlife around your property can do an astounding amount of damage. Squirrels and birds can nest within your roof, causing damage to all the roofing materials in the process and leaving it in an unhygienic and unhealthy state for anyone using the building.

Insects can also cause remarkably large amounts of roof damage. Wood-boring insects are highly problematic as they can get deep into the roofing structure, leaving it completely compromised without you ever knowing about it.

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